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Meg Nanson

Meg Nanson is the founder of an organization called The Great Exchange, which promotes self-advocacy among intellectually disabled adults by setting them up with volunteer pathways and teaching them to network with nonprofits around the city of Austin, Texas.

This blog is about the process of starting that organization. It is intended to both document the journey and serve as a resource for anyone interested in starting their own project or organization, from a novel to a social movement. Meg expects to both experience triumphs and make mistakes along the way, and she’s especially interested in sharing the mistakes. Also, she hates writing in the third person, but that seems to be what most people do in their “About” sections.

Read more about Meg here.


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  1. Meg – I think you have an amazing idea and I hope this organization takes off! I’ve spent the last hour or so reading a lot of your posts; that is not a normal thing for me. But, I enjoy your blog so much, I’m going to add it to the OUR FRIENDS section on my blog. You will be the 9th addition! I’m averaging about 150 views a day on the blog (up from about 75 just two weeks ago), so hopefully it will help draw some visitors to your blog and eventually to your site! If you would prefer to have a link directly to your site, let me know; don’t be shy!

  2. juliabuschmann

    Thanks for following. Interesting organisation you founded!
    All the best


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