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Monthly Archives: April 2012

Rechanneling, Slowly

Breaks in routine do funny things to people. Now that I’m back in Austin, it’s taking me awhile to ramp up again, in just about every aspect of my life.

Ashoka’s selection criteria mentions that people who possess entrepreneurial traits often have little interest in anything other than their mission. I think it’s actually a little more nuanced than that; I think entrepreneurs instinctively understand that they can’t have much of an interest in anything besides their mission, lest they fall off the tracks. That’s not to say they’re all automatons; it’s just that thoughts and ideas are slippery, and when you redirect them, it’s hard to push them back to where they once were.

Thoughts are like rivers. Events are like dams. And damn it (ha) if the recent events in my life didn’t just start channeling my thoughts elsewhere.

The Great Exchange, and work in general, is moving a bit more slowly now, like a runner with a pulled hamstring. I don’t know how to repair a metaphorical hamstring; but if I’m going to see this analogy through to the end, I’d say the only way to do it is to rest a little bit more than I used to, take care of myself, and work back up to where I once was as slowly and carefully as I need to.

So I don’t know, maybe this blog post symbolized my first 100-yard dash. And yes, even this tiny little cluster of words took longer than it used to. And I guess that’s okay.