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The Winning Design

All of the South by Southwest stuff happening this week means I’m probably not going to be as faithful to my little blog, but I did want to share The Great Exchange’s winning logo design after a bit of deliberation.

The Great Exchange's winning logo design

It’s this one! Those are now my official brand colors, too. I decided on it awhile back, but I just realized I never mentioned it. I love how warm and open and inviting it is, and a lot of the organization is designed around bridge imagery (see “bridging event” on The Great Exchange Glossary). As my close friend Marius said, “In this logo, exchanges are done in the light of the heart…The light of the heart has something very spontaneously warm about it, watching, embracing, and lighting all potential activity in the picture.”

Here’s a screen shot of the Great Exchange’s landing page:

The Great Exchange landing page


I’m quite happy with it, for a site I built myself (from a WordPress template…I’m no web designer). The internal pages aren’t so awesome yet, but they do convey the right information.

Design is really important to me, so this will continue to be a work in progress. But for now, it’s a relief to have a web site I feel comfortable directing people to.

More later!


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