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The Best Thing About Running a Startup? The Small Victories.

Donation thank-you

What I found when I was searching for "DIY greeting cards." Horrifying.

This morning, I:

  • Dragged myself out of bed while still trying to remember the fabulous dream I had about helping my family pick out a pet tiger from the Tiger Humane Society (usual)
  • Turned on the coffee pot before I had actually put coffee into it and consequently made a delicious pot of hot water (usual)
  • Checked my email; deleted the latest Groupon offer. Told myself, as I do every morning, that I should unsubscribe from Groupon but then did nothing about it (usual)
  • Opened a notification from Paypal that said…what? The Great Exchange received its first donation from a complete stranger? Unusual!

With any luck, in a few years this feeling won’t be unusual. But today, an attorney in Albany, New York gave the Great Exchange a small vote of confidence…and I haven’t felt this good since I found out I was going to Finland for free (another story for another time).

Do you remember how wonderful the world was when you were a child? Well, the Great Exchange is currently in its “child” phase, and nearly everything–from a bump in traffic on this blog to the smallest of donations–feels big and weird and awe-inspiring. Sure, in a few years The Great Exchange will be as old and wizened as a retired police cop (“I’ve seen it all in my day, kids”), but today, I am making a homemade greeting card for a man I don’t know who believes in disability rights and inclusion.

And then I’m redoubling my efforts to get fiscal sponsorship, and I’ll probably look into opening a Great Exchange bank account, and I need to create an on-the-fly donor management system.This donation is a great reminder of all the things I have left to do.


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  1. Hi! I just discovered this web-site. What you promote for people with disabilities is wonderful. I am a living example of what a person with multipile disabilities can do with their life…Nothing just came to me, I made a special effort to get myself out into the world. Which by the way, is not so easy to do, since I have agraphobia, and severe panic attacks…As an artist, I volunteer with senior citizens. I also am an advocate for seniors who cannot speak for themselves…I also started a free arts and crafts program for the children in my improvished community..I also belong to the same senior citizen center that I am an volunteer art teacher. There, I am in a little theater group, I am in the garden club, and I just finished painting a mural on the co-op garden wall..I also have taurmatic brain disorder, which sometimes, I have problems with my speech. This does not stop me. I also work two days a week in a garden, this job did not come to me, I went for it. I also was just asked to be a model in various shows for ladies over 50 years old. I am such a ham! I don’t let anything or anyone stop me from what I want to do. I feel that faith in a higher power really helps me as well. I would liked to be involved with your worthy organization…Sincerely, Alexis Hall

  2. I feel you! During the initial start-up, EVERYTHING is exciting! I have a book I wrote that I offer digitally on my site and guess what? Last week – the same thing! I saw a PayPal e-mail crediting me for selling the first copy of my book! It definitely helped with the momentum…

  3. Thanks, Jenn! I keep meaning to prod you for a long overdue update. Hope all is well at ORCAN…and in Oregon, in general!

  4. Congrats Meg! You’ve earned this!


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