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Sunday Morning Coffee: Big Rainbow Mug Edition

It’s time for another round of Sunday Morning Coffee! This week’s edition is brought to you by a beautiful sunny Austin day, leftover Indian food, and the letter A. So without further delay, here five things that are worthy of sharing:

  • How much do you know about gamification? Talk to me in six months, and I bet the answer will be, “I wish everyone would shut up about gamification already.” Gamification, or the idea that everyday situations like work or exercise can become engaging and absorbing when you apply popular game design techniques, is every bit as cool as it sounds. The smarter companies are already jumping on top of this trend (and using it for good or evil…please use it for good, guys). Because I think it will probably be the secret to successful fundraising, I read about it a lot. An article titled Startup Gamification Lessons from a Kindergartner is my favorite gamification article of the week.
  • On a related note, here’s a great argument for removing the stigma from “edutainment.” Educational entertainment has come a long way since your fourth grade teacher carted you and your classmates off to the new school computer lab for another round of Oregon Trail. Now, I don’t think anyone would argue that computer games should replace classroom teaching, hands-on learning, or important dialogue; but as a supplemental form of engagement, it can work wonders. Even Oregon Trail, which may not have been the world’s most educational computer game, left me with a lasting awareness of 19th century diseases:

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  • Think you don’t have time to go play in the sunshine, savor a piece of chocolate cake, cuddle with your partner, or do whatever makes your little heart sing? Well, read this article about how happiness makes your brain work better, and then pencil something you enjoy onto your to-do list. Your success depends on it! My secret to happiness involves blasting Nick Cave music and trying to play my ukulele along. I, um, wouldn’t be surprised if yours is different.
  • But if there’s one thing that will make us all a little happier, it’s a baby sloth in a pretty blue onesie:

Holy moly. I can feel my brain working better already. Time to go forth and be productive.


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